Weingut Wagner-Stempel


WINERY NAME Weingut Wagner-Stempel
ADDRESS Wöllsteiner Straße 10
55599 Siefersheim
WEBSITE www.wagner-stempel.de
COUNTRY Deutschland
GROWING AREA Rheinhessen
OWNER Daniel Wagner
WINE MAKER Daniel Wagner
GRAPE VARITIES Riesling, Silvaner, Weißburgunder


Daniel Wagner has concentrated on the classical grape varieties such as Silvaner, Pinot Blanc and more especially Riesling, uses labour-intensive methods to work the vineyards organically, which includes a complete abstention from the use of conventional fertilizing methods or pesticides. Far-reaching measures are implemented to reduce yields. Manual pruning and canopy management as well as selective hand-picking in the autumn are corner-posts of his philosophy of wine production, which is based on the principle that outstanding wines are made in the vineyard. The principal and basic behind this is a thoroughly artisanal approach to the work, demanding the highest level of work effort and discipline, each and every year.

Quintessentially, a performance must be brought that ensures not only very good results, but truly exceptional ones.