Weingut Joachim Flick, Weingut in der Straßenmühl


WINERY NAME Weingut Joachim Flick, Weingut in der Straßenmühl
ADDRESS Straßenmühle
65439 Flörsheim-Wicker
WEBSITE www.flick-wein.de
COUNTRY Deutschland
OWNER Reiner Flick
PRODUCTION 165000 Bottles
WINE MAKER Dirk Bohensack/Reiner Flick
GRAPE VARITIES 80% Riesling, 12 % Pinot, 8% Other


Our wines reflect their true origins and develop natural, intense aromas which convey our distinctive signature. What lies at the heart of our wine production is the very land in which our grapes grow upon. It is what allows us to pursue our dreams and is truly our most valuable possession. Therefore, we strive to retain and ensure the quality of our vineyards for future generations to come. We are therefore attempting to find the best approaches for a sustainable future, and have already implemented many methods to support this goal.

Our main goals are to reduce the usage of raw materials and to employ sources of renewable energy.


Since 2012, we have replaced our entire mode of electric power consumption at the winery with one that is supplied by photovoltaic, renewable energy. Flora and fauna in our vineyards are protected by implementing organic pest control and fostering settlement of beneficial organisms. We nurture biodiversity and its preservation.


We maintain the health of our vineyard soils by utilizing organic fertilizers and avoiding the application of herbicides. Our wooden barrels are sourced and hand-crafted from local Taunus oak trees, and we prefer whenever possible to support local products and businesses.