Weingut Dautel


WINERY NAME Weingut Dautel
ADDRESS Lauerweg 55
74357 Bönnigheim
WEBSITE www.weingut-dautel.de
COUNTRY Deutschland
GROWING AREA Württemberg
OWNER Christian Dautel
PRODUCTION 80.000 Flaschen
WINE MAKER Christian Dautel
GRAPE VARITIES Riesling, Weißburgunder, Lemberger, Spätburgunder
FOUNDED viticulture since 1510


The goal of the Dautel family is to produce individual and typical wines which do reflect the character of the vineyards and the vintage. The basis for the production of these high quality wines is the careful vineyard work close by nature. This includes short pruning, intense canopy management, “green” harvest of surplus grapes and the care and preservation of old vineyards.

The nutrient addition takes place using natural humus which is prepared by themselves. Late and selective hand picking of only full ripe and healthy grapes forms the conclusion of the labour intensive and complex vineyard work.